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The Kraig Josiah Rice
Devotional Bible Commentary

written by
Kraig J. Rice

Listed here are links to my devotional bible commentary in reference to many kinds of conflict.

The world declared war against God (the people grieved God) so

  • God unleashed His war machine against them and drowned them all

    Conflict in Genesis:
    Abraham went to battle to rescue Lot
    (Genesis chapter 14)
    Laban chased after Jacob
    (Genesis chapter 31)
    Esau rode against Jacob with 400 men
    (Genesis chapter 33)
    Levi & Simeon killed the men of Shalem City
    (Genesis chapter 34)
    Jacob fought the Amorites
    (Genesis chapter 34)
    Joseph was sold into slavery
    (Genesis chapter 37)
    The brothers of Joseph were thrown into jail
    (Genesis chapter 42)

    Note: all Revelation links are under construction for awhile and will not work.

    Conflict in Revelation:
    Christ will defeat the anti-christ
    at His 2nd coming
    Literal & spiritual warfare
    (the authority of the believer)
    The coming world war in prophecy
    (Revelation chapter 4)
    General Jesus leads His war machine
    (Revelation chapter 5)
    General Jesus attacks
    (Revelation chapter 6)
    The martyrdom of Polycarp
    (Revelation chapter 2)
    Info about martyrdom
    (Revelation chapter 5)
       *    (Revelation chapter 11)
    Martyrs as mentioned in
    Revelation chapter 6
       *    (Revelation chapter 11)
    The Martyrs as mentioned in Revelation chapter 7-
    including the paradox of martyrdom
    Jesus casts fire to the world
    as mentioned in Revelation chapter 8
    Satan was kicked out of Heaven
    as mentioned in Revelation chapter 9
    Roman Emperor Domitian persecuted John
    Violence is prophesied during the Tribulation
    as mentioned in Revelation chapter 8
    Demons attack wicked mankind (sting from scorpion)
    as mentioned in Revelation chapter 9
    Demons will kill wicked mankind
    as mentioned in Revelation chapter 9
    The 2 witnesses will resist the antichrist
    (Revelation chapter 11)
    The 2 witnesses will be martyred
    (Revelation chapter 11)
    1/10 of Spiritual Babylon will fall from an earthquake
    (Revelation chapter 11)
    Martyrs during the Tribulation
    (Revelation chapter 12)

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