The Kraig Josiah Rice
Devotional Bible Commentary

written by
Kraig J. Rice

Listed here are links to my devotional bible commentary in reference to emotion and/or emotions.

Cain was angry at Abel
(Genesis chapter 4)
Esau was angry at Jacob
(Genesis chapter 27)
Jacob was angry at Laban
(Genesis chapter 36)
Jacob's sons were angry at Jacob?
(Genesis chapter 33)
Jacob's sons were angry at Shechem
(Genesis chapter 34)
Jacob was angry at his sons?
(Genesis chapter 45)




Isaac was in denial? (Genesis chapter 27)

Evil King Ahab was Depressed (Revelation chapter 2)

Hagar had despair in the desert (Genesis chapter 21)




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    Joseph had to learn to endure (Genesis chapter 39)       Hold Fast (Revelation chapter 2)

    Rachel envied her sister
    (Genesis chapter 30)
    Hamor envied Jacob's wealth
    (Genesis chapter 34)
    Jacob's sons envied Joseph
    (Genesis chapter 37)

    Was Isaac fearful?
    (Genesis chapter 27)
    Jacob was fearful of Esau
    (Genesis chapter 33)
    Judah was fearful of losing his youngest son
    (Genesis chapter 38)
    Joseph's brothers were fearful of him
    (Genesis chapter 42)
    You and I are special to Christ
    (Genesis chapter 43)
    Paul did not want the Philippians to be fearful
    (Philippians chapter 1)

    God created mankind with emotions
    You and I were created with emotions
    (Genesis chapter 1)

    Grief, grieved, grieving
    God was grieved because of mankind's sin
    (Genesis chapter 6)

    Happy, happiness, laugh, laughter (all inclusive):
    Joseph rejoiced with the one he loved
    Genesis chapter 46

    Cain hated Abel
    (Genesis chapter 4)
    Esau hated Jacob
    (Genesis chapter 27)
    Jacob hated Leah
    (Genesis chapter 29)
    Jacob's sons hated Joseph
    (Genesis chapter 37)

    Abraham was lonely (Genesis chapter 25)    *    The Apostle Paul was lonely (2 Timothy)
    Jacob had to separate from his loved ones (Genesis chapter 27)

    Love of the Overcomers
    Abraham loved Isaac (Genesis chapter 22)    *    Isaac loved Rebekah (Genesis chapter 24)
    Jacob loved Rachel (Genesis chapter 29)    *    Keep yourselves in the love of God (Jude)
    God's Overcomers Have Love (Revelation chapter 2)

    Love of Jesus for His Overcomers
    God Loves You and I (Revelation chapter 3)

    Isaac learned patience (Genesis chapter 26)    *    Jacob was impatient (Genesis chapter 27)
    Overcoming Patience (Revelation chapter 2)

    Isaac learned perseverance (Genesis chapter 26)

    Hagar and Ishmael were rejected (Genesis chapter 21)
    The Lord was rejected? (Genesis chapter 25)

    See Happy (Happiness)

    Sibling Rivalry
    Between Cain and Abel (Genesis chapter 4)
    Between Esau and Jacob (Genesis chapter 25)
    Between Leah and Rachel (Genesis chapter 30)

    Weep, weeping, wept, crying, shedding tears
    Joseph wept before his brothers (Genesis chapter 42)

    Jacob worried (Genesis chapter 33)

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