The Kraig Josiah Rice
Devotional Bible Commentary

written by
Kraig J. Rice

Listed here are links to my devotional bible commentary in reference to prayer.

01 Genesis:
Jacob prayed about moving to Egypt?
(Genesis chapter 46)
Abraham talked to the Lord
(Genesis chapter 15)
Jacob prayed
(Genesis chapter 32)
Abraham intercedes for Lot in Sodom
(Genesis chapter 18)
Noah prayed and worshipped God
(Genesis chapter 8)
Isaac and Rebekah prayed to have children
(Genesis chapter 25)
Jacob prayed for his unsaved loved ones?
(Genesis chapter 34)
Joseph prayed for his unsaved loved ones?
(Genesis chapter 42)
Abraham communicated with the Lord
(Genesis chapter 18, 20:17)
Eliezer of Damascus (Abraham's servant) prayed
(Genesis chapter 24, 15:2)

35 Habakkuk:
Habakkuk wanted to be alone with God

50 Philippians:
The Apostle Paul was a prayer warrior

65 Jude:
Pray in the Holy Spirit

Note: all Revelation links are under construction for awhile and will not work.

66 Revelation:
The prayers of the saints
(Revelation chapter 5)
Prayers are prayed to Christ
(Revelation chapter 8)
Christ is our Intercessor
(Revelation chapter 8)
Imprecatory prayers
(Revelation chapter 8)
The golden altar of incense (prayer)
(Revelation chapter 9)
John prayed to Christ
(Revelation chapter 10)

Who walked with God?- communicated in prayer with Him?

Enoch walked with God
(Genesis chapter 5)
Noah walked with God
(Genesis chapter 6)

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