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Christ never asked us to live for Him
He asked us to let Him live through us

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Looking At Sanctification (Holiness) Our Obedience to God
Take the Holiness Test Looking At Persecution (Revelation)
Looking At Sin Looking At Loneliness
Do You Need Encouragement? The Imprecatory Prayer (Revelation)
Healing scriptures Promises of God
Death, Hades, & Hell (Revelation) Satan and Satanism (Revelation)
Promises to overcomers (Revelation) The 70 weeks of Daniel (Revelation)
Myrrh, crowns, & doors (Revelation) The 2nd coming of Christ (Revelation)
The authority of the believer Be watchful (Revelation)
Remember & Repent
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers are worthy
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers can have power
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers keep the Word of God
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers do not betray Christ
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers will humiliate Satanists
(Revelation chapter 3)
Your sacrifices will be rewarded
(Revelation chapter 5)
We will be busy in Heaven
(Revelation chapter 5)
Safety and security
(Revelation chapter 7)
Holiness contrasted with unholiness
(Revelation chapter 9)
We follow in His footsteps
(Revelation chapter 10)
Taking the eucharist
(Revelation chapter 11)

Holiness Sanctification

Gospel Tidbit Collection (page 1)

Gospel Tidbit Collection (page 2)

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Christophanies in the Old Testament

Deity of Christ

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