Rebellious Sins

in the Bible Book of Genesis

The Kraig Josiah Rice
Devotional Bible Commentary

written by
Kraig J. Rice

Listed here are links to my devotional bible commentary in reference to sins of commission and omission as mentioned in the bible book of Genesis.

Adam & Eve betrayed God (the fall of mankind) (Genesis chapter 3)
Adam & Eve lost the Garden of Eden & more because they betrayed God (Genesis chapter 3)
Cain murdered Abel (Genesis chapter 4)
Cain was a marked man (Genesis chapter 4)
Lamech killed a man (Genesis chapter 4)
Lamech's punishment for killing a man does not appear to be written in God's word
The world became godless, violent, and immoral (Genesis chapter 6)
God destroyed the world with a great flood
Esau wanted to murder Jacob (Genesis chapter 27)
Esau's punishment for wanting to murder Jacob does not appear to be written in God's word
Shechem held Dinah as a sex slave (Genesis chapter 34)
Shechem lost his life due to his sex slavery of Dinah (Genesis chapter 34)
Levi & Simeon committed mass murder (Genesis chapter 34)
2 sons of Jacob lost their birthright due to mass murder (Genesis chapter 49)
Reuben committed sexual incest with Bilhah (his father's wife) (Genesis chapter 35)
Reuben lost his birthright due to incest (Genesis chapter 35)
Judah sold Joseph into slavery (Genesis chapter 37)
Judah did not receive his birthright (Genesis chapter 38)
Simeon wanted to murder Joseph (Genesis chapter 37)
Joseph threw Simeon in jail twice (Genesis chapter 42)
God does not reward disobedience (Genesis chapter 49)

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