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Kraig J. Rice

I dedicate this book to the Lord Jesus Christ. He gets all of the glory.

I was born in a small town in Texas directly after the end of World War Two. My father was a combat veteran fresh home from the battle fields of Europe. My folks were married in 1942 so I could have been born much earlier but the good Lord had a timing for my birth
(Ecclesiastes 3:2). I was a beautiful child with blonde hair, dark green eyes, gorgeous dimples, and a pretty smile. I took an I.Q. (intelligence quotient) test one time as an adult and rated between superior and very superior. So, the Lord blessed me with good health and a sound mind. My ancestors came from Europe being a mixture of Vikings, Germans, and Celts. There is no Hebrew blood in my ancestry. I came from a very dysfunctional family- a family that I had to learn to cope with. My father worked and supported the family while my mother was a stay at home mom. I went to public schools as I grew up and graduated from high school in 1963. Then I went to junior college for two years and graduated with an AA (associate of arts) degree in forest technology in 1965. The U.S. was expanding it's military war machine at that time in regards to the Vietnam War so I enlisted to fight. I did not love the Lord at that time and was confused as to what I believed. Not coming from a church going family, I knew little or nothing about Christ, salvation, or a plan He had for my life. All of that was foreign to me. I share my testimony with you here how I accepted Christ in the military. After receiving my honorable discharge from the military, I brought Christ home to my family of origin. Before long, my mother, sister, and brother accepted Christ but my father took much longer.

I preferred the Assemblies of God denomination and in the fall of 1967 I attended Bethany Bible College in Scotts Valley, California (near Santa Cruz, Calif.). I attended there for 3 1/2 years. I had a major in bible with a minor in social science. It was an expensive private and accredited university. I received grant money from the U.S. government on the G.I. Bill program because I was a veteran. I also worked and when I graduated, I had my entire school bill paid off. I graduated from this school (spiritual boot camp) in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Then it was time to win souls and fight the spiritual enemy. To be an effective combat soldier, one must have the will to fight.

Many of the folks who graduated from that school went into the preaching ministry or missionary work. I was never called to do any of that. Rather, I went into the literature evangelism field. I wrote and distributed gospel tracts. I founded my own literature evangelism ministry and was ordained for 10 years. I publicly taught the bible at our Upper Room Fellowship in Lodi, California.

I married a wonderful woman and raised 3 children. I went through some tough spiritual fighting on the front lines and had to use every bit of the training that I had received at boot camp (bible college). The enemy (the devil) shot at me spiritually as he perceived me to be quite a threat to him and I endured much persecution from his followers.

And then I went through a Job's trial. Words cannot describe what a horrible trial this was but with God's help, I made it through with my integrity intact. In that trial, we were desperately poor and had lost nearly everything that we owned. My right ankle had been broken and it gave me problems for years. The trial lasted for 9 years and eventually ended but the scars remained.

I went into secular work driving an 18 wheeler truck and resigned my ordination because I did not need it anymore. I kept on distributing tracts and other evangelistic literature as I journeyed along through life. Many folks helped me do this. I drove the big rig trucks for 20 years and enjoyed driving and traveling around. My wife and I went to church and we raised our children in church.

Secular work never appealed to me as I felt like a fish out of water- missing my destiny. I always felt like there was something missing there but I had to work to support my family and tried hard to be happy at what I did. My real love and desire was for God and His Word. God had been dealing with me for quite some time to teach His Word and to write a book but the time and opportunity never seemed to fall into place. Eventually, when the internet opened up, I created (with God's help) a website that was dedicated to His glory. For awhile, online, I shared what others had written but God was dealing with me to do my own writing and use those gifts that He had given me. Then my wife died and I retired. I felt God wanted me to write a bible commentary and He gave me the perfect set of circumstances to do that. I really could not see why God wanted a bible commentary because there must be ten thousand or so already in print. But, like a good trooper, I said, "yes, sir", and began writing this bible commentary.

I am getting up in age now and God has given me a joy to do what I do for Him. The only thing I can say is this- let my destiny be fulfilled in His will.


This is a photo of me taken in 2010 at my daughter's wedding
enjoy this commentary!

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