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Backslide (backsliding)
Zephaniah mentioned backsliding
(Zephaniah chapter 1)
Unbelief may lead to apostasy
(Revelation chapter 10)

Baptism In the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4)
Prophesied in Joel
(Joel chapter 2)
Mentioned in Galatians
(Galatians chapter 3)
Mentioned in Second Timothy
(2 Timothy chapter 1)
My mention in connection with prophesy as a gift
(Revelation chapter 10)

People who act like beasts during the Tribulation
(Revelation chapter 6)

See Satan

Beginning(s) (all inclusive):
Beginning of Israel
(Revelation chapter 12)
Beginning of Satan's reign in this world
(Revelation chapter 12)

Believers are to be watchful
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers are to remember and repent
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers are worthy
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers can have power
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers have kept God's Word
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers have not betrayed Christ
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers will win over Satanists
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers will NOT go through the Great Tribulation
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers are challenged to hold fast
(Revelation chapter 3)
Believers are sealed for salvation
(Revelation chapter 7)
Believers have a hedge of protection around them
(Revelation chapter 9)
Believers will be rewarded in Heaven
(Revelation chapter 11)

Bible, Word of God, Holy Scriptures, Biblical Terms, etc.
The authenticity of the bible (page one)
(Genesis appendix)
The authenticity of the bible (page two)
(Genesis appendix)
The scroll of God the Father- His battle plan
(Revelation chapter 5)
The little bible book
(Revelation chapter 10)
Meaning of the word "Gentiles"
(Galatians chapter 2)
The Apocrypha
(Bible information Genesis appendix)
Does the bible contains errors?
(Genesis chapter 41)
Sword out of Christ's mouth
(Revelation chapter 2)
The little open bible book
(Revelation chapter 10)
The Apostle John devoured the Word of God
(Revelation chapter 10)

What is a birthright? Esau rejected it
(Genesis chapter 25)
God confirmed the birthright to Jacob
(Genesis chapter 32)
3 sons of Jacob forfeited their birthright
(Genesis chapter 49)

Blessings (beatitudes)
Scriptures to bless you (Genesis chapter 33)    *    Blessing #1 in Revelation (chapter 1)

Isaac had blindness
(Genesis chapter 27)

Blood Line of Christ
Blood line of Christ
(Genesis chapter 38)
Blood line of Christ
(Genesis chapter 49)

Body (Human, glorified):
Glorified human body

Bottomless Pit:
My teachings about Hades and Hell are on another one of my web pages

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