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7 candlesticks are 7 churches
(Revelation chapter 1)
2 lamp stands (candlesticks) are 2 witnesses
(Revelation chapter 11)

Golden censer of Christ (Revelation chapter 8)

The 12 Original Chapters of Revelation

Children (all inclusive):
Children were wanted and valued
(Genesis chapter 29)
A warning against abusing children
(Genesis chapter 35)

Christ (study of Jesus Christ as Messiah & Redeemer, His Deity, His 2nd Coming, etc.)
The study of Christ is on another web page


  • Church articles are on another web page


  • Circumcision (Genesis chapter 17)

    Cities are on another one of my web pages

    God made clothes for Adam and Eve
    (Genesis chapter 3)
    White clothes for the overcomer
    (Revelation addendum web page)
    White robes for the martyrs
    (Revelation chapter 6)
    God's 2 witnesses will be clothed in sackcloth
    (Revelation chapter 11)

    Commitment (integrity)
    (Genesis chapter 14)
    (Genesis chapter 22)

    Comparisons (all inclusive):
    Cain and Abel
    (Genesis chapter 4)
    A Godly family legacy versus an ungodly one
    (Genesis chapter 4)
    Joseph's brothers compared him
    (Genesis chapter 50)
    A husband and wife in contrast to another
    (Genesis chapter 12)
    Jonah in comparison with Paul
    (Jonah chapter 4)
    The face of Christ compared to the face of Moses
    (Revelation chapter 1)
    A comparison of 1st & 2nd woes
    (Revelation chapter 9)
    A comparison of Genesis with Revelation
    (Revelation preface)
    A comparison of spiritual Babylon with Nineveh
    (Revelation chapter 11)
    A comparison of Christ with Satan
    (Revelation chapter 12)

    Did Lot compromise his convictions?
    (Genesis chapter 13)
    The spiritual rod of compromise
    (Revelation chapter 11)

    Conditions during the time of the Apostle John
    (Revelation chapter 1)
    Standing before a Roman judge
    (Revelation chapter 12)

    A listing of conflicts is on another one of my web pages


  • Joseph's brothers had a guilty conscience (Genesis chapter 42)

    Consequences of sin

  • Consequences of sins in Genesis is on another one of my web pages

    Convictions are on another one of my web pages

    The counterfeit circle of life
    (Revelation chapter 12)

    Countries are on another one of my web pages

    Covering of Love
    Noah received a love covering
    (Genesis chapter 9)
    Abraham was a covering to his wife
    (Genesis chapter 20)

    Crown(s) (all inclusive):
    (2 Timothy)
    Martyr's crown
    (Revelation addendum web page)
    Let no man take your crown
    (Revelation chapter 3)
    Crowns of demons
    (Revelation chapter 9)
    7 Crowns of Satan
    (Revelation chapter 12)
    The martyr's crown
    (Revelation chapter 12)

    Culture (Oriental in which the bible was written)
    Oriental culture in written prophecy

    Customs in the Bible

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