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Genealogy (Tracing the Family Tree) (the blood line of Christ)
See blood line

A definition of gentiles
(Revelation chapter 11)

Gifts (all inclusive):
Abraham's servant gave gifts to Rebekah
(Genesis chapter 24)
Jacob gave gifts to Esau
(Genesis chapter 33)
Joseph had a spiritual gift
(Genesis chapter 44)
The spiritual gift of prophecy
(Revelation chapter 10)

Goal(s) (all inclusive):
Jacob's goal was the Promised Land
(Genesis chapter 49)

God (all inclusive)
Index regarding God
(one of my index pages)
Genesis information about God
(Genesis chapter 1)

Some gods of ancient Egypt
(Revelation chapter 8)
Future idol worship of other gods
(Revelation chapter 9)

god of this world
God's Plan of the Ages
(Genesis information about Lucifer)

The future government of this world
(Revelation chapter 6)

Greetings to you:
Greetings to you from God
(Revelation chapter 1)

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