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Hades and Hell:
still working on this

Harps (Revelation chapter 5)

7 heads of Satan
(Revelation chapter 12)

Heaven (all inclusive):
The third Heaven- God's home
(Genesis chapter 1)
The civil war in Heaven
(Genesis chapter 1)
The Garden of Eden was a type for Heaven
(Genesis chapter 2)

A definition of the word, Hebrews
(Revelation chapter 11)

Help (all inclusive):
Helping Joseph find his brothers
(Genesis chapter 37)
Helping the poor like Ruth
(Ruth chapter 2)

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Holy (all inclusive)
The holy grail (fiction)
(Genesis chapter 44)
The holiness of God
(Revelation chapter 3)
Holiness Sanctification
(Genesis chapter 6)

Noah was homeless
(Genesis chapter 8)
Lot was homeless
(Genesis chapter 19)

We will see our loved ones again
(Genesis chapter 42)
The people needed a vision of hope
(Haggai chapter 2)

Horns (all inclusive):
Horns of the Lamb
(Revelation chapter 5)
Horns of the altar
(Revelation chapter 9)
10 horns of Satan
(Revelation chapter 12)

Horses and Horse(men)
4 horse(men) of the apocalypse
Revelation chapter 6
Demons as horse(men)
Revelation chapter 9

From Lot
(Genesis chapter 19)
From us
(3 John)

Human Sacrifice
Human sacrifice stopped (Genesis chapter 22)

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Hyksos Invasion of Egypt
Hyksos Invasion of Egypt (Genesis chapter 39)

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