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Idols, False gods, and False Religions
Teraphim idols
(Genesis chapter 31)
Idols and gods worshipped
(Micah chapter 5)
Idols and gods worshipped
(Nahum chapter 3)
Idols and gods worshipped
(Zephaniah conclusion)
Future idol worship
(Revelation chapter 9)

Incense was given to Christ
(Revelation chapter 8)
The golden altar of incense
(Revelation chapter 9)

Jacob had indecision about moving to Egypt?
(Genesis chapter 46)

Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures
The Bible is inspired
(bible authenticity web page- Genesis)
The inspiration of the bible
(2 Peter chapter 1)
The inspiration of the bible
(2 Timothy chapter 3)
The bible book of Revelation is inspired
(Revelation chapter 10)

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