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(see candlesticks)

Landscape (Mountains, land, rivers, trees, fruit, etc.)
Biblical landscape topics are on another web page

Last Days
The last days and God's timing is on another one of my web pages (not yet)

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement under authority
(Genesis chapter 3)

Law of Sowing and Reaping
Reaping what one sows
in persecution (not yet)
Sowing and reaping is part of
God's justice (not yet)

Law versus grace
An allegory of law and grace
(Genesis chapter 21)

Leadership, leadership skills
Joseph had leadership skills
(Genesis chapter 47)

Joseph left a good legacy
(Genesis chapter 50)

Legal Matters
Biblical legal matters are on another one of my web pages

Levites (Levitical Priesthood)
The tribe of Levi
(Malachi chapter 2)

Lie (lying):
Abraham told a lie
(Genesis chapter 12)
Lies from the mouths of demons
(Revelation chapter 9)

What is life?
(Genesis chapter 2)
My search for the meaning of life
(Genesis preface webpage)
Satan can not create life
(Revelation chapter 9)

Lifespan of mankind
Lifespan of modern mankind
(Genesis chapter 6)
Mankind's life span was slowly diminishing
(Genesis chapter 9)
Old age a blessing?
(Genesis chapter 15)
Mankind's life span was slowly diminishing
(Genesis chapter 35)
Old age
(Genesis chapter 47)

Revelation is a literary masterpiece
(Revelation chapter 12)

The Ephesians left their first love
(Revelation chapter 2)

See Satan

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