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Name Change
Abraham's name changed
(Genesis chapter 17)
Sarah's name changed
(Genesis chapter 17)
Jacob's name changed
(Genesis chapter 32)
Christ changed the name of His love slaves
(Genesis chapter 35)
Joseph's name was changed
(Genesis chapter 41)

Name Meanings (all inclusive)
Name meanings are on another one of my web pages

National Decline (all inclusive)
3 steps of national decline
(Zephaniah chapter 1)
National decline of any nation
(Revelation chapter 9)

Nature(s) (spiritual and physical)
Physical flood waters recede
(Genesis chapter 8)
Two human spiritual natures
(Genesis chapter 21)
Two human spiritual natures
(Genesis chapter 28)
Jacob received a new spiritual nature
(Genesis chapter 32)
2 witnesses- judgments against nature
(Revelation chapter 11)
A new convert will have a new inner nature
(Revelation chapter 11)
The born again experience & new inner nature
(Revelation chapter 12)

News (good, bad, and indifferent)
Bad news for Cain- he had to suffer for murder
(Genesis chapter 4)
Noah got good news via a dove
(Genesis chapter 8)
Sarah would have a son of her own
(Genesis chapter 18)
Isaac got a wife- that was good news
(Genesis chapter 24)
Isaac and Rebekah would have children
(Genesis chapter 25)
Jacob received good news
(Genesis chapter 45)
Joseph was released from prison
(Genesis chapter 41)
I got saved- good news for me
(my testimony)

Nicolaitanes and false teaching (Revelation chapter 2)

Noah's Ark:
Noah's Ark (Genesis chapter 6) Noah's Ark (Revelation chapter 9)

Numerology (the study & meaning of some numbers in the bible
Bible numbers (Revelation intro)

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