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Abel was obedient to God
(Genesis chapter 4)
Enoch pleased the Lord
(Genesis chapter 5)
Noah was obedient to God
(Genesis chapter 7)
Abraham was obedient to God
(Genesis chapter 22)
Isaac was obedient to God
(Genesis chapter 26)
Joseph was obedient to his father & to God
(Genesis chapter 37)
The Apostle John was obedient to God
(Revelation chapter 10)
Obedience is associated with the voice of Christ
(Revelation chapter 11)

Sons of Jacob raised sheep (Genesis chapter 46)

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Opposites (all inclusive):
About the revelation of opposites
(Revelation chapter 11)
A revelation of opposites
(Revelation chapter 12)

Overcomers during the church age
(Revelation chapters 2 & 3)
Overcomers during the Tribulation
(Revelation chapter 12)

Ownership (who owns you and I?):
The principle of ownership as taught in the bible
(Genesis chapter 3)
Ownership versus managership
(Genesis chapter 31)
The seal by God shows ownership
(Revelation chapter 7)
Ownership and the seal of God
(Revelation chapter 9)
Satan falsely claims ownership of all
(Revelation chapter 12)

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